MODELİN Mobilya, started its art journey in 1998 in Istanbul; thanks to the efforts of the employees, the support of the suppliers and the satisfaction of the customers, it has become one of the leading companies in the sector. MODELIN, devoting a significant portion of its investment to establishment in Hatay in 2007; production, advanced technological machines and integrated belt systems with 4 main facilities. It has an important place in domestic and foreign markets with its bedrooms, dining rooms, seating groups, young rooms and various furniture decoration products. Domestic and abroad, except for home furniture; MODELIN, providing decoration and furnishing services in residential, dormitory, hotel and mixed projects, successfully realizes large projects requiring expertise and equipment. The company continues its successful and stable growth in the world furniture market with its customer portfolio ranging from Middle East to South Asia, Turkic Republics and European countries. He owes this point to his meticulousness in his work and his openness to innovations in the sector. As MODELIN, we aim to achieve better standards in furniture and to increase customer satisfaction by responding to the requests of our customers faster. To our customers prefering us, to our suppliers always with us, and to the managers and all employees of our company; Thank you.